This quarterly seeks to be a sanctuary for writers worldwide to speak their minds and to read the words/hear the voices of other writers.

The oracle at Apollo’s temple in Delphi was once, in centuries BCE, a job assigned to a real person, a Pythia, an ordained priestess who spoke of the future and advised kings and peasants alike, influenced, some suspect, by trance-inducing gases drifting upward from a temple Delphirupture in the earth. Prior to Apollo, the gods at this temple were goddesses. According to Wikipedia, “The name Delphoi comes from the same root as δελφύς delphys, “womb” and may indicate archaic veneration of Gaia, Grandmother Earth, and the Earth Goddess at the site.” Another interesting note about the temple at Delphi was that it was thought in Greece to be the center of the world (the ancient Greeks believing Greece to be the center of the world) and an eternal flame burned in the inner temple for use in renewing the flames of cities after battle.

This quarterly doesn’t expect to engage in dire prediction or invoke a female voice speaking for a male god or promote any quality of trance, but rather hopes to tap into the ethereal/material notion of speaking and truth-telling and sanctuary that Delphi has come to symbolize. As writers we turn without cease to the words of other writers, whether in text or about text. Delphi Quarterly hopes to be a contemporary space where writers can meet and speak on their own terms, without constraint.

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