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November: here on the East Coast, it’s cool enough that the leaves–mottled and blackened in places with toxic fallout from the daily chem trails–are still turning wild colors of gold and plum and cerise and scarlet, and thoughts drift to Thanksgiving and beyond. While out there blood moons cluster, talk of war in Syria/Ukraine/Iraq waxes … Continue reading

Poetry as Spiritual Practice, Publishing as Art, & Taking the Power of Secrets Away

It’s a chilling and sobering time in the world, with what is happening in Gaza, and the Ukraine, and Syria and Iraq and so many other places in the world, including right here in the US. It’s been difficult to work on and bring out this issue, in the midst of all the sadness and … Continue reading

Finally! Delphi’s Summer Issue On the Sands

Beaches are white, skies are blue, seas glittery with sun–it must be summer! Welcome to our bumper summer issue, our third so far of Delphi Quarterly, our recently-launched online quarterly for writer and filmmaker interviews: Volume 1, Issue 3, Summer 2013. Please note, our spring issue with its genre-bending interviews–with Tania Hershman, Gretchen Henderson, Minal Hijratwalla of … Continue reading

Welcome to Delphi Quarterly’s Premiere Issue

Welcome to Delphi Quarterly, our new online quarterly for writer interviews.  We are excited to launch our first issue, Volume I, Issue 1, Winter 2013. About Delphi As writers ourselves, the editors of Delphi Quarterly envision this journal as a diverse and inclusive space for conversations on craft with writers across genres—fiction, poetry, drama, ecological … Continue reading

Delphi Launches January 2013

Stay tuned! Delphi launches in January 2013. Delphi is a new online quarterly seeking to publish interviews with literary fiction writers, ecological and creative non-fiction writers, and poets, no matter if emerging or established, regional or national, little-recognized, little-known, or lit up in lights–Delphi aims to be inclusive, and to create a space for the newest and most obscure writer to … Continue reading

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