Delphi is interested in short fiction, poetry, memoir, and conversations with serious writers and makers of literary fiction, poetry, plays, documentary films, ecological non-fiction, and creative non-fiction, and op-eds by writers and poets on any current issue of your choice (see more below).

Reading Periods for Creative Work/2016: April 15 to June 15; Oct 15 to Dec 15

Please send work via email in Word rtf or doc files, to Expect to hear back within three weeks. No payment at this time but we are working on funding.

Short Fiction/Memoir: Stories of length 2,500-6000 words, please send only one story or piece of creative non-fiction at a time. No genre fiction, please.

Poetry: 3-5 poems, not more than 10 pages in all, any genre/style.

Please send your best literary work. No restrictions regarding style or theme, but nothing explicit or “adult” in theme please. Please send work that carries social and political relevance, if not essentially lyric in nature.

Interviews are intended to highlight craft and focus surrounding a single published work, whether a book, poem, story, essay, film, or play. Please note, to honor all writers working to publish their manuscripts, young or older, interviews can highlight a single published piece of writing, and not necessarily a whole book.

Delphi Encourages Op-Eds

Delphi is in the process of growing and changing, as the world around us changes, sometimes in the most unhappy ways.  In response to rampant government censorship, secrecy, surveillance, and attempts to quell free speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the Press, even here, no, especially here, in the “land of the free,” we call on fiction and nonfiction writers, poets, artists, activists, and ethical scientists everywhere to speak out and keep on speaking out.  The whole world needs your voice!

In the words of the immortal Nadine Gordimer: “For the word, which we writers have in our possession and our keeping, is ours. It is not only protest, it is affirmation. The unkillable word. …(The) writers are singing in the words of Pablo Neruda: This is the song of what is happening and what will be.” (“The Unkillable Word,” The Essential Gesture (Penguin, 1988))

So, true to our name, we hope to offer more of a space to writers, not merely as a space for interviews, but as a space for writers–and artists and peace/justice/environmental activists and ethical scientists–to share their views, particularly on current affairs, the continuing power of art, the increasing influence of spirituality and awakened consciousness, and, a very slightly covered subject in other journals, ethics in twenty-first science and technology. Too much is going on, too much is being hidden. And where are our philosophers, our poets, our mystics? Where is the voice of the fiction writer, the essayist, the artist, the thoughtful and conscious and conscientious scientist?Delphi aims to step beyond the cacophony of voices of conventional “power” in the news to highlight the voices of the truly powerful thinkers, artists, actors, and visionary dreamers among us, however widely or slightly published they may be. We are looking for op-eds, on a subject of your choice. Please send a brief query, if interested.

Op-Ed Guidelines

Op-eds can be any size from 250 to 1000 words and on any subject of current interest. Please query briefly, to determine our interest in your proposed op-ed. Send us an email at or

Interview Guidelines

Please query briefly, to determine our interest in your proposed interview. Send us an email at Include links for the author and why you think this author is a subject worthy of interview.

Interviews can be any style—formal or informal, as long as they highlight craft, process, and focus.  We are partial to the traditional Q & A format, which allows an author to speak in his/her own words. Interviews can be any size, ranging from from 500 to 3000 words, but can be longer, on occasion, just check with us. Our general format, with bio, headshots, optional photos and links to enliven the interview remains the same, just take a look at our current and past interviews. Delphi will work with the interviewer, and the writer, if need be, to edit and finalize the interview as needed, and retains the right to decline interviews should they not meet editorial mission and standards.

There is regrettably no monetary payment at this time for interviews (or op-eds).  But we offer you continued online exposure. Posted interviews and op-eds will include links to the writer’s and interviewer’s work and websites online. Interviewer and op-ed profiles will remain online on our Contributors page.

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